Our Healthcare Investment practice promotes and incubates greenfield healthcare ventures that address some of the most widespread global healthcare challenges. Through the use of advanced technologies and evidence based protocols, our ventures strive to make paradigm shifts in the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and reversal of the most widespread and chronic lifestyle related diseases.


Qi Spine Clinic – Reversing Spine Disorders

Qi Spine Clinic is a pioneer in healthcare services and India’s first and only healthcare offering that exclusively focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of back pain. Currently Qi Spine has 22 clinics in India across Mumbai, Delhi, Bangaluru and Pune. Qi Spine Clinic has treated over 55,000 patients successfully with a 90% success rate in achieving functional goals and a zero surgery referral rate. To learn more, please visit


Qi Lifecare – Lifestyle Management

The most respected fitness and weight loss company in Mumbai. Our flagship Centre in Churchgate has been cited repeatedly as the best gym in the city since it was established in 2002. Train21, our unique weight loss programme, administered in a high altitude chamber, is universally acclaimed for its effectiveness. We also have a dedicated Cardiac Rehabilitation facility in association with the Asian Heart Institute. To learn more, please visit


Trinity Healthtech – Health & Fitness Equipment

A leading player in the Indian and Middle East Commercial Fitness Equipment market and exclusive partners of Star Trac in India. Through our expertise in consultancy, education and gym management, we have been providing turnkey solutions for India’s leading fitness facilities, developers, hotels, corporates and HNIs since 2005. To learn more, please visit |


New Heart – Reversing Cardiac Disorders

New Heart is a pioneering approach to reversing cardiac disease using ambulatory cardiac monitoring technology. An initiative of leading preventive cardiology specialists from India and international researchers working on cutting-edge ECG analysis, New Heart is at the forefront of deploying beat-by-beat analysis in real time, using advanced sensors and wireless technology, to develop a more robust and highly-responsive patient-care protocol that can significantly reduce the risk of cardiac failure in high-risk populations.


Our legacy Real Estate Investment practice has been built over decades, leveraging our expertise in investments, property management, retailing operations management, architectural design and land development. It is a proprietary platform with primary focus on real estate assets with long term appreciation and high yield. Value addition is driven through our SPV’s, Arenja Retail and Ernest Worthing Realty.


Ernest Worthing Realty

Real Estate Developer and Consultant with a portfolio of properties, ideally suited for exclusive second home buyers in Mumbai. To learn more, please visit

Arenja Retail

A portfolio of retail showrooms, in collaboration with Tanishq, India’s leading jewellery retailer. To learn more, please visit